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      Attachment 254If you are nearing your retirement and are confused about the place where you can settle after you are done with your job, you have two options.
      Either you can continue living in Great Britain or you can migrate to any other foreign country of your choice. If you desire to settle abroad you will find that there are many people who have migrated from Britain and have settled in a new country.

      A good number of such people move to Australia. Spain is the other country, which is a favourite amongst the people migrating from Britain.
      Compared to Australia, Spain is much nearer to Britain and so you can visit your people who stay back quite easily.

      The English weather is marked by frequent rains that take place throughout the year. Contrary to that, the weather in Spain is sunny. There are quite a large number of beaches in the country which help you to enjoy the sun and the sand at the same time. Almost all of the beaches have several summer resorts that are quite popular among the local population as well as among the tourists.
      The country has a great number of mountains as well that house many world famous ski resorts. These resorts allow people to take part in all kind of winter sports. The northern part of the country is called Green Spain because of the greenery, which is the result of a wet and moist weather.
      The hospitals are all well organized and employ the best doctors and paramedical staff. The healthcare systems in Britain and Spain are more or less similar. Thus, you will not find much trouble orienting to the treatment in Spain; if you have just settled in the country. The one trouble that you may encounter is that there will be several staff, which cannot write or speak in English. Moreover, the Spanish government provides 2 years worth of healthcare facilities to those people, who settle in Spain after their retirement. Overall, it can be concluded that there would be no big difference in terms of medical treatment in Spain in comparison to Britain as the medical amenities were not the best in Britain. Same is the case with Spain, as it is much inferior to the developed and upgraded facilities of the USA or France.
      The transport facilities in Spain are also quite good. The railway system in the country is quite well developed. Several Spanish cities also have tube rail facilities. These include cities like Barcelona and Madrid. The roadways in the country are also quite well developed. There are also a large number of airports in the country which facilitates air travel in the country. The waterway in the country is although not that improved.
      Spain is regarded to be one of the costlier countries in Europe as far as living cost is concerned. However, the people who retire from Britain and wish to settle in Spain would not have to face much trouble as the cost of most items is much less than their prices in Britain.
      Those people who wish to settle in the country and do some job have ample job opportunities. The country keeps on hiring competent people for accountancy and insurance jobs, management, financial and marketing jobs and also jobs in the IT sector.
      Thus, one can see that Spain is a very good place for settling in the post retirement age or if you want to migrate to the country. The facilities that one can hope to get in Spain is unmatched by that of any other country. So, if you were planning to settle in Spain after your retirement you should very well go ahead with the idea.
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