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      Hey all,

      My first time on these forums. First a bit about myself, I am originally from born and brought up just outside London and spent two whole years (2007-2009) on a working holiday visa in Australia just after finishing university, at which point, I lived, travelled and worked simultaneously in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, and also travelled Northern Territory and Queensland.

      I know what most people say about travelling is not living and working, but I was not constantly on the move, I lived and worked in Melbourne for nearly 6 months, but in this time, I grew to like the country, made many local friends and I have never settled since coming back to UK. The fact that one day I want to go back drives me through my days.

      I am looking to make the move as soon as I can, I am currently working as a trainee accountant in London and undertaking a CIMA qualification, and as soon as I am done, want to obtain reciprocal membership of the Australian CPA to benefit my chances.

      I guess what I am just looking to find out, is from other people in a similar career mindset that have made the move, to where in the country, and how easy is it to find that job and make points count for them. Also, is there anyone who is undertaking or already has membership of a CBA.



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      Welcome to the forum.

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      Hi Tim, and welcome to the forum.

      Sounds like you have your plan in mind, and plenty of experience of living in the country itself to make an informed decision. :)

      We have a decent amount of members that are in Australia, so hope you'll get some feedback from them.
      Meanwhile, have a browse through the messages in the Australia section.

      All the best to you, and may your wish turn to reality.

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