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    Thread: Any advice on meetings and how to meet people in Perth?

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      Virginie LAMOND

      Question Any advice on meetings and how to meet people in Perth?

      Hi there,

      My name is Virginie. My husband and I moved to Perth 3 years ago when I was expecting our first child. We now have two kids.
      We are having a very hard time meeting people and making friends here.
      My husband is always working and I am always at home with the kids.

      I joined a mother's group and despite meeting mothers, I have yet to make friendships here. Ozzies do not seem to grasp the total isolation and loneliness we feel by being on the other side of the world with no family and no one to talk to.
      I have spoken to people we know in Sydney who feel the exact same way.
      We would love to talk/meet people who are going through the same, or people who met great folks here and are having a ball!

      Any advice?

      Thanks, Virginie
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      Hi and welcome to the site , why dont you post a message on our other site www.pomsinoz.com its a bit busier than here and a few members on there are in Perth. Have a look in the socialisng section to see if there are any meets arranged, if not leave a message to see if anyone fancies meeting up,

      Cal x

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      Virginie LAMOND

      Thank you

      Hi Cal,

      Thank you very much for your reply.
      I am going to have a look at that website right now.

      Will be in touch

      Thanks again


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      Andy Chapman
      Yes good advice from Cal, and welcome to the B-A Forum Virginie

      But don't desert us altogether we need members to share their experiences
      on Brits-Abroad.

      Good luck with your search.


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      Hi virginie, we are NZ'ers and have been in perth for 12 months, i do empathise with you in relation to meeting new people its not as easy as i thought. to me its like being in high shcool all over again!! there is at web site for expats mainly brittish, called aussiemove.com they have bbq's picnics and general info about life in perth.
      they are having a picnic on sunday feb 15 at 12pm in Neil Hawkins park Boas Ave Joondalup. you dont need to be a member to attend its open to all. I have meet a few nice people through the website, and am planning on taking the girls to the picnic
      if you want to check out the website its www.aussiemove.com
      take care hope you find some friendly people katrina
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      Virginie LAMOND
      Hi Katrina, thank you very much for your reply.
      We already have something planned next Sunday but we will definitely come to the next meeting. I hope you will have a great time.

      Virginie ;-)

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      get together in Perth

      Hi Virginie, I run a website for expats and we hold reunions all over the world. We have one in Perth WA in Setember this year and all those attending are expats, mainly from the UK originally and some from South Africa. We call them reunions, but really they are 'get togethers' because most people coming dont know anyone else, but by the end of the event, you will definitely have made some new friends who know exactly how you feel, because they were all in the same boat once! I can promise you and your husband a very warm welcome there. They are meeting for dinners and for a day trip out to Fremantle etc, so something for everyone. email me for more info if you would like to go along. Regards trishfisher@sky.com