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      Could high blood pressure hamper application

      Hello Everybody,

      I knew emigrating was stressfull but this is ridiculous!!
      My husband (Stacey) has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, now he has been perscribed drugs to help this but I am wondering if this is going to impact on our application or our medicals and also would we lose any points because of this. Stacey said he had been putting off the application because of the blood pressure issue although now the blood pressure is under control.

      can anyone help me please?

      Thanks friends


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      Blood pressure is not a cause to fail in getting a visa especially if it is under control.

      My hubby found out he had extremely high bp (181/160) during the meds he is now controlled and we received our visa in march.

      Because he found out during his meds he was required to have further tests including a heart scan, but it was free and it came back clear.

      Get a letter from your Gp detailing his meds etc if you feel unsure about it, but dont let this put you off doing the meds many people with visas have a high bp.

      Good luck and book those meds.

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      i take meds for control of blood pressure have done since i had major surgery , i came over in november 2007, no problems at all re blood pressure, so no worries on that one

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      Thanks guys you have taken a load of my mind.

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      Get a letter from your GP to take to the medicals - get them to write:
      1. when the problem was diagnosed
      2. How it's been treated
      3. What his normal BP is.

      My friend got diagnosed with high blood pressure at her medicals - the dr. usually tries 3 times to get a reading - she had to go for further tests, which all came back ok - she's got her visa and has validated - just trying to sell the house now.

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      i just told the meds officer what drugs i took and it was ok, no letter from my own doctor but won't do any harm, think you have to list drugs anyway