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      the eka

      well i had my first experience of the eka yeaterday and it definately was an experience. We arrived at 1 30 pm and of course the grandkids wanted to go to the rides first, so of we went, and eventualy the family went on the rides and me and hubby went walkabout, it was a total nightmare there were millions of people ones with buggys ones holding onto kids, ones carrying massive fluffy toys others with loads of bags and shopping trolleys, well guess what next year I am going away on a caravan trip as i could not do that again, no thanks.

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      the eka is like a massive fair with rides, farm animals and produce, sewing exhibitions and other exihbitions, also has various shops with special offers,. We did not have to queue at all as we had our tickets to get in. It is great for kids but its too large a scale for me coming from a small island.

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      We are going to it in the morning. I've been looking at the show bags on line and some look really good. A lot of people from work say it's good. The Redlands area is having their Public Holiday on Monday and Brisbane has theirs on Wednesday. Very strange. I know it's going to cost a fair bit, but it's got to be done, at least once seen as though we live here. I guess it's a bigger version of the North Lonsdale Show, back in England, eh Sheena.
      The soccer season is almost over isn't it? Poor kid, must be in agony.
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      Some of the show bags are $20, but they retail a lot higher. The Gabba Bulls show bag is $30 and would retail at $460. I've copied it's contents. The season passes make it more then worth while.
      NamePriceRetail ValueStall NumberMap LocationGabba Bulls Showbag $30.00 $460.00 352 Contents
      1 x Cricket Bat
      1 x Sports Bag
      2 x Season Passes
      1 x Poster
      1 x Stickers
      1 x Channel 9 balloon
      1 x KFC Chip Voucher
      1 x Australia Post ruler
      1 x Suncorp bubble pen
      1 x Dreamworld voucher
      1 x Milo Sample Sachet

      Go to www.ekka.com.au and go to show bags. there are some real good bargins. I've been told the rides are a rip off though.


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      Mark and Jo
      The EKKA is great! OH says just like the great yorkshire show! We have been every year since we got here. This year the first that we havent been as we are working!!!

      You dont have to spend money there to have a good time. There are enough things to walk round, shows to watch etc. Yeah, there are rides, but if you dont wanna spend money, you dont go on em!!!! LOL!

      We went primarily for show bags in the last few years as we found that they were great CHrissy pressys. Not something you can always get in the UK!

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      Ekka is ok if you like lots of people. Just like the Show here in Melbourne but I am afraid I stay away, way too busy for me. Used to take the children when they were small but never enjoyed it.