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      Wink Fabulous site for sending gifts home!

      Hi guys :)

      Just thought I would share a recent little find of mine. I find it out whilst looking for for a company to send gifts back to my family in Australia.
      Its fantastic, huge range, resonably priced and they throw in free gift wrapping (which looks amazing!) and a card and you can even put your own little message inside.
      Oh and for those wanting to send gifts home back to pommy land they've recently opened a branch over there;
      Anyway, couldn't reccomend them enough. Enjoy :)

    2. Moneycorp - Commercial foreign exchange since 1979
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      I sent this english chocolate basket over to my deprived lot in oz hahaa, they absolutely loved it! http://www.gifts2thedoor.com.au/p/60...te-basket.html

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      Hi pompompom,

      Any idea how reliable they are - I've been using Interflora but I think my Mum might start getting sick of flowers and chocolates!!

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      Hi Traveller,
      I have been using them over the last two years to send Birthday and Christmas gifts to my family and i havent had any problems and i always manage to find something different to send. The good thing with this lot is they email you when the gift has actually been delivered.

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      Thanks pompompom - you might have just sorted Christmas out for me!!

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      Can anyone recomend a good and cheap company for sending an actual parcel back to UK containing gifts? I've looked at the Auspost and packand send but they are both pretty pricey.