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    Thread: First post- visa query

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      First post- visa query

      Morning all, not sure if there is a dedicated forum for this topic but here goes: I'm an oz citizen but have lived in the uk for most of my life and am here currently. I have recently got engaged to a uk citizen and have been looking at spouse visas as I intend to go back with him in the next couple of years. We are marrying July 2013.

      Do you know if I have to be in oz at the time of putting his spouse visa application in? Can't seem to find this info anywhere so would appreciate any info.

      Thanks in advance,


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      I'm not sure on that one Rachel...I take it you've had a good look on the DIAC site?

      This page seems to cover it, looks like you can apply from UK or Aus having had a quick scan. Best of luck

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      I dont think you do have to be here, Im sure you can apply off shore but it may be worth ringing someone like Go Matilda or Visa Bureau to get it from the horses mouth so to speak. Good luck with everything

      Cal x
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      Thank you both for the information. Looks like we will be ok! It's such a minefield with all these visas and I had no idea it would cost that much! You live and learn, thanks again :)
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      I married my OZ fiancee last year in the UK. She has lived here for 16 years. We got together in July 2006. We spent about 8 months getting evidence and I applied for my 309 de facto spouse visa in May 2009 and was granted the provisional one in November 2009. We were surprised how much information was required by the Aussie citizen - in fact she questioned if she had been sent the wrong form - but it was correct. We had to send in information and statements from both families and friends and show joint things - so as we were both financialy independent, no joint loans etc we had to set up a joint bank account, joint car insurance as we did not meet many of the "joint" criteria. Also keep things you might throw away - theatre tickets, holiday details, flights, e-mails between you and him, his family etc.
      I am now going through stage 2.
      I used Go Matilda - a migration agent helps in my view and saved a lot of unecessary submissions. They advised me to start the process asap because it takes months to get stage 1 provisional (and without it he will be on a tourist visa) but also because of the medical - do it whilst you know you are fit and in case your Government changes the rules or introduces a quota. Being married to an Aussie is not the advantage you would think so he could still get turned down.....

      Good luck!


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