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      Hi, I am a newby!!!
      Was just wondering if I can have some help and advice?!?!
      Me and my other half are hoping to emmigrate to oz asap
      I was just wondering how u guys got out there are any advice u can give?!

      I have a BA Hons in Internation Tourism Management and am a lead receptionist in a hotel. My Partner or 4 years has no qualifications but is a bar manager for a Beefeater. I am 25 and he is 22.

      Any pearls of wisdon would be much appreciated as we dont know where to turn!!!

      Thanks big much in advance

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      OK will have a go.
      I did speak to the embassy and they tried to get us to go 4 the working holiday visa - we weren't convinced tho as we really want to commit ourselves, we cant do that on a temporary visa!!!
      Thanks very muchly x

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      Ooooh, that sounds like a plan!
      I just filled in the info for a phone call from Go Matilda, gonna have a look at Poms in Oz now! Yeah immi.gov are the guys who told me to get a working hol visa, not best impressed!!!!
      Will also get in touch with Alan Collett now, just need to gather as much info as I can really!

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      hello from france