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      Able C

      Hi ! This is about home care in Australia

      Hello !

      For the last 30 years I have owned a care company in the UK and I am planning to export my knowledge of the UK system of home care to Oz. I spent time last year in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and the meetings I had, about 23, were enthusiastic.

      Most of the home care in Oz is provided by the "not for profit" sector (94%) and back here in the UK the "for profit" sector provides 78% of the care.

      I am back in the coming months to progress my project, either in advising on how to set up a specialised care company such as mine or in an advisory capacity or on a consultancy basis.

      If anyone has a view or opinions, please let me know, I would be most appreciative.

      Company website is www.uk-care.com and my personal email address is ablems181818@aol.com

      Thank you and have a good weekend,

      Angela Gifford

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      hello, I am from scotland, I did my certificate in social servvice, managed a home for the elderly it was a local authority home. Here I have tried working in one nursing home and it had a lot to be desired i left, I have worked for a few companies doing community care and although I enjoy working with people amd helping them remain at home , mostly peple with a disability, I have found it very hard to get a perminant position most employ casuals, pay is of a low standard to what I earned at home. Being casual you have no holiday or sick entitlements, you cannot get a work visa if in casual employment. I am now in perminant employment , Your U.K qualifications do not seem to count here either. If you know differant I would be pleased to here about it I live in queensland brisbane suburbs. Working in peoples homes can mean driving long distances also and depends on other factors whether you get milage or not.

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      Andy Chapman
      Thanks for answering that Sheila and welcome to the Forum Angela.

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      no problem andy

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      Able C
      Dear Sheila,

      Thank you for your reply.
      The home care sector, especially in England, is now inspected to a very tight regulatory standard and as such I would recommend the Australian authorities looking at it.

      My care workers are paid well, they live in, travel expenses and board paid for, and they earn between 450 and 700 per week.

      The live-in care services that I supply are a true alternative to moving into a residential care home.

      Out of interest, the client I care for furthest North, is an elderly gentleman in his own home in Inverness.

      I am hoping to set up business of some sort in Australia as I find it quite a challenge!

      best wishes


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      well hope you arr here soon, perhaps I will get a job with you lol. but needa to be soon as my visa runs out in january and if i want to stay have to pay the goverment another large a mount of cash whch i won't be doing. of course it would have to be in brissie neare the western suburbs or it becomes a long distance to drive, so get moving lol . good luck with your venture.