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      Wink Holiday In NZ

      Hello, My family and I are coming to NZ next october for three weeks with a view to moving out there. I am trying to make contact with people to gather information regarding places to visit.

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      Which island are you planning to go to??
      We are moving to Napier on the North Island - we went on holiday In Feb and fell totally in love.
      Have a look at this website - www.newzealand.com I am always looking at the video clips to remind me :)

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      We are just doing the north island, that's where we hope to settle if we do move. I have heard that the south island is very chilly. When you went in feb who did you fly with, we are just in the process of getting prices together, but it seems that the prices differ which ever airline you fly with.

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      We went with Emirates (under recomendation) cost us 2800 for the three of us and included the flight from Auckland to Napier. They were really good - sooooo much food the whole time (make sure you where comfy clothes ha ha ha) We are thinking of trying Singapore airlines for our oneway flight - they are supposed to be as good only slightly cheaper??

      http://www.napier.govt.nz/ - have a look at this
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      Napier looks wonderful, we have been told by friend's who have been out there that the Hawke's Bay area is just simply breathtaking.

      Can I assume that the price's of the flights are seasonal, because we are planning to go in October which is the start of their summer, I assume the price's must reflect that. Popped into Thomas Cook's yesterday they were quoting me just under a 1000 for me and my wife and the children would pay 67% of that price, so th 2800 you paid was a bargain.

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      The flight have definelty rocketed since we went - we are looking at 2200 for just one way !! We flew from Manchester and we booked over the phone direct - February is the end of their summer but it was lovely. We are also lucky that our friends are already out there and they did loads of research over the last 2 years they have lived in Havelock North. They are really settled and only miss people & Mushy peas ha ha ha!! Our house is Sold subject to contract so fingers crossed.
      Our son is 11 - so we know this will change his life for the better. I was impressed with how clean / safe and spacious it felt. We stayed with our friends so we got a real feel for life out there.
      We are looking to go in October too - cant book flights until exchange has been signed :)
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      Well If we go Mushy Peas will NOT be on my list of things that I will miss. So when you went to NZ what area's and places did you visit. Did you go to Palmerston North? Of all the reasearch we have carried out so far Palmerston North appeals to us both. I see your son is 11 which if we move out that will be the age of my daughter, my wife is very concerned about the education system out there, she is worried that it's not the same standard as here in the UK. Coupled with the fact that there is a skills shortage, we question why is that? It's easy to think about our future because both my wife and are established in our careers, but what about our children, the last thing we would want is for them to have the island to complete their higher education, or to establish themselves in their choosen careers. There is so much to take into account.


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      We didnt get to Palmerston North - we didnt really travel that much. Our son will be going to Havelock North Intermediate school and we are really happy with what we have seen. It was an easy decision for us - because we live in South Manchester and there are so many problems with teeanagers. If we stayed here - the secondary school he would go to got 17% grade A-C how bad is that !! Plus we cant afford to move in the UK. So we will improve all our lives :) I think the decision is harder if you have an amazing lifestyle here and live in a nice area without the problems we have. Our son wants to go more than we do - he wants to volounteer at Marineland when he is 12 (working with penguins) My friends son has just started a family out there and he said that he wouldnt have considered children living here - so thats a good indication about how it changes your thoughts.