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      Andrew R Cochrane

      How to get to New Zealand

      Hi, Im 25, with wife and two children. I'm looking to move to New Zealand, and need as much help from you all. From finding what VISA we would need, to what area would be best for us all to live. My wife is 30 and my children are 1 and 3. Kim my better half works in accounts. I work in many trades, I do window, doors (UPVC and Timber, internal and external), conservatories, roofline, roofing, fencing, decking, paving, stud walling, flooring, light electrical work, all lead roof work. Is there anyone that is willing to help us get to the end of this long, long road.

      We appreciate any help, thank you.:huh:

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      hello, I am sure some one will be able to advise and you would be better talkin to an imigration agent. Just keep checking in somehere will give you more positive advice

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      Andrew R Cochrane
      Thank you Molly. Have you an imigration agent in mind that we could talk to

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      Andrew R Cochrane
      Thank you Sheena, is there anywhere I could go for help on finding the best area to move to

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      I would speak to an agent as Sheena has suggested, you usualy can have a fee call to disscuss, Alan collette on the go matilda site I have spoken with in the past, but any reptuble agent should be able to help. Speaking on poms or here to others who have moved should help give you ideas on where to consider but i imagine everyone has there own preferences. good luck

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      Hi Andrew,

      Choosing the area was easy for us because we are going to Napier on the North island where we already have friends. My husband is a glass cutter and was really lucky to get a contract with a glass company that have just gone into double glazing so they needed his experience. We are going out on 2 year work visas initially - to make sure we settle ect before going for residency.

      I would say choosing area is down to the individual - depends what you are looking for. Have a look on www.newzealand.com more for tourism though but gives you an idea.

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      Andrew R Cochrane
      Thank you for your reply Rebdri.

      I would love to move out there and get a start at a Double Glazing Company. Although I have experience in all building trades. Window fitting is my main trade. I don't suppose you or your husband would know, if they are looking for fitters now?

      Would www.newzealand.com show me where Napier is. I have already received confirmation on a years Visa. Would it be better to try for a two year Visa to give us more time to settle and try for a residency.

      Thank you in advance for any more help you can give.

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      Hi Andrew, I have replied to your private message too :)

      Napier is lovely - but it is quiet compared to Manchester !! But that is what we are looking for - the closest place that is similar in UK would be Devon. We felt so safe and the scenery is amazing. Our son is 11 and loved it there as much as we did - he actually got upset when we had to come back!! He wants to volounteer at Marineland when he is 12 ha ha ha! Also everything is on a smaller scale. We went to a chocolate factory thinking it would be like Cadbury world in Birmingham - it was a little shop and within an hour we were done (with a huge bag of chocs he he)