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    Thread: job hunting

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      job hunting

      hi all,

      am looking to emigrate to new zealand, taranaki area if possible

      i am male 55 years old, understand this may be the stumbling block in me findind employment

      wife works in accounts presently studying for aat technician

      anyone got any advice

      i have worked in the oil/gas industry as operator/supervisor on many locations worldwide

      love to come to new zealand and settle, but alas the hardest part is finding a job

      uk gone too the dogs, need a fresh start

      many thanks


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      thanks for the help

      my wife is 38, if she was fully qualified would probaby be able to emigrate in her own right i think

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      Hi Phil,

      We are going to New Zealand too and we already have friends who moved there 2 years ago. It all works on a point system and I know that you ger certain points depending on age - but if you have the right trade you will get loads of points. Have a look on this website below - loads of info on there.


      Also if your wife gets in on her own merit - you will be able to apply with her :) Good luck

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      Andrew R Cochrane
      Hi, I'm trying to move to New Zealand. But dont have any idea what part to move to. What would be the best way to find out

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      Get the local job paper there, its always the best option when trying to look for a job.