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      Huh? Little advice or favour MUCH appreciated

      Hi guys, I am an expat Scot in Oz who's after advice or a big favour. I bought some clothes for my wee lass through their online store Trade me, but then discovered they don't have a payment system similar to Paypal, and the seller wants bank deposit. This is going to cost an arm and a leg for clothes worth under $15 NZ.

      Can anyone advise if theres any other way to do this? Is there anything I could do in exchange for you if you can help?

      Sorry this is so trivial but I cant bring myself to spend $5o+ on jeans for a 1 year old, but I have committed to buy. It's totally my mistake, but I thought it would be easy like buying through amazon or ebay. I blame mummy brain. Or maybe my hogmanay hangover. lol!

      Thanks in advance for any advice

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      can it be ent to someone in uk who could post it to you, don't no if that would help

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      thanks sheila, but its getting the money into NZ thats the hassle. I make credit card or paypal purchases online all the time - I didn't apprciate how easy it was until now!