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      Looking fir advice

      Hi, new to these forums.

      My wife and I have recently started discussing a move to Australia, previously looked at NZ.

      Our problem is that some information we can find for Australia is either extremely vague of contradictory.

      I am a Biomedical Scientist (Medical laboratory scientist), Masters degree with management experience. My wife is a veterinary surgeon with >10 years experience with some background in orthopedics.

      We currently earn around around $160,000 PA. We know from visiting that the cost of living is significantly more in Australia, however, the salary information we can find for our respective roles is very confusing.

      For myself some sources quote $60,000 which is a significant drop from UK( and under the figures I can find for average Australian salary), vet salary is quoted around $80,000.

      Can anyone confirm these salary estimates are accurate and are these salaries enough to allow for a reasonable standard of living?

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