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      shipping question / container sharing


      this is my first thread - I'm moving to Perth after being granted my visa but it's only me so I don't need a whole container, is container sharing a good idea and can anyone recommend a good company?


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      We shipped with Pickfords to the States but they ship to Oz as well. They turned up when they said they would, the price was reasonable and never changed, they package everything up, insure it and unwrap it the other end.

      The only downside - we did have to share a container - they held it until they had enough in the container before shipping so our stuff was a little late leaving and it got impounded the other end due to BSE in the UK that year (no fault of Pickfords) but a t least the US fee was split between the whole container.

      I would recommend them but if you have to share a container be aware it may not leave when you expect it to.

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      thanks Traveller, I've booked up some container space now with Share A Container. It was simple really - I probably built it up to be a hassle in my mind. I found a container that should be arriving close to my own arrival time - just a week or so off.