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    Thread: Vegetarian food

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      Vegetarian food

      I'm moving to Australia in 6 months and I've found from when I was there for a year before that there was barely any vegetarian food, and the little there was was almost unedible! Is there any good vegetarian food, like Quorn or even just vegetable lasagne, etc available in the supermarkets? Not that Sanitarium stuff as that is disgusting! Another thing I found was that stuff that looked like it could be vegetarian could contain crustacea, fish, etc which I didn't want. Can anyone help please? Thanks

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      Hi Sheena, Thanks. I know that some of the supermarkets have some veggie food there but that is usually the Saniarium stuff which really is not that nice. When I was there before I pretty much spent a whole year living off Borgs Spinach and Ricotta Triangles!!! lol Obviously I liked those but I don't want to keep doing that now the move is a permanant one!

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      Central Coast as thats where my boyfriend is from. Moving there the beginning of Feb! :D

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      Hi Faye,

      I'm a veggie & I found it really hard to find something to eat when I first arrived here, there's no Quorn here in Oz but there's plenty of tofu (can't stand the stuff !) I find that I just make a lot of meals from scratch using the fresh veggies that are in season.

      Good luck with your move.

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      I was a veggie when I moved out to Perth, and it was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. I ended up going to the darkside!!

      As someone else said, if your a tofu fanatic, you'll be alright.