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      Visa Advice please!

      Hi all,

      I apologise if this has been mentioned 100 times before, however I have a 2 year old asleep on my arm so my ability to search the site is a bit limited at the moment!

      I have just returned from visiting my father, step mother and half sister in Melbourne, and my partner and I are now looking to move over there from the UK.
      I currently work in employment training, helping people to return to work, and my partner works in the construction industry, both full time. However neither of our jobs are on the skilled list, so my father can't sponsor us. We are both under 30, in good health, and have a 2 year old child between us.

      Aside from finding an employer to sponsor us, does anyone have any tips of getting round this? Just want some ideas before contacting an agency for more advice.

      Many thanks for looking.

      Cassie :spinny:

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      Welsome to the Britsabroad forum, Cassie.

      Hope that some of the Aussie members will be able to offer some words of wisdom on your question.

      Good luck with it.