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      Working Mums

      Morning everyone

      Found this web site for working mums. I visit pio and britvics and one the things I notice is the loneliness of women and its always been the same, the men seem to settle easily and the women pine for their friends and family.

      Its not just migrants either its people who move with their job to new locations its very stressful too especially in Aus as if you move from Melbourne to Perth its a long way away.

      This is a working mums web site and it may be useful, there are many of these sites around. Here are a couple


      Happy surfing
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      thanks for that piy no grandma sites, i miss my friends too, but would love a right good chinwag with a fellow scot, miss our accent and sometimes folk do not understand me. I have started doing body shop but have still to meet a scot. The few friends i have met are all lovely and i appreciate chatting with them, would have gone potty by now had i still been talking to myself

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      Yes it is even harder once our children have grown to fit in. My best friend now lives in QLD and we keep in touch all the time but its not the same as when she lived here. She would like to move back to Victoria but her husband doesn't want to.

      I am not a Grandma and the way things are going don't expect to be, neither of my children are in relationships at the moment, one 29 one 28. They have both been in relationships, my daughter for five years but they broke up. Still better than getting divorced later on.

      Now I don't work as I am retired I miss the interaction as my friends still work. However I am not ready for the old folks clubs etc I am 20 years old in an old bod.

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      where in qld does she live, i still work part time doing night shift, in a home for adults.
      i live in middle park and love the small housing complex i am in, you will have to come visit your friend then you can visit me

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      She lives in Thornlands next to Queensland. Been there for 10 years now but still unsettled. She is a travel agent and works part time in Cleveland. She has a son living in London who I think is going to stay there and her other son lives in Melbourne along with mil and her parents live in Victoria too so its a wrench just like it is for everyone.

      I belong to another forum and its surprising how my people from Queensland are on line and very friendly. So many new people there now, was not always like that though. A lot of the older people who move up often find it very hard to find new friends too, especially if they don't play golf or bowl.

      I don't play golf or bowl no way would you see me in a white outfit with a hat :twitcy: