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      Working in Perth

      Hi everyone !.I'm Beth,i'm 25 years old,and I'm from England.I'm interested in working in either America or Australia,so i will post on both boards here.

      I'd love to work in Perth !.Does anyone know of any work programs that are a reasonable price,not too expensive ?.I have been out of work for a while now,so i would like to try and get a job abroad,I know times are hard in the U.K at the minute.But also,I would love to travel anyway.It would be a great experience !.

      I do have some concerns though,as i would be travelling there alone,so i hope it would be safe.It would be my first time travelling abroad alone.

      If it helps,I've had experience in Admin and Retail work.I also studied Performing Arts at college.I would also love to be a support worker,or work in a hotel,so any jobs in thsoe fields would do.

      Are there any programs that help with the cost of flights and accomodation ?.

      Is there anyone else here who has worked abroad alone,either in Australia or somewhere else ?.I'd love to hear about your experiences !.

      I dont think any of my friends or family members could go with me,but perhaps there is a program with a " buddy sytem ",or perhaps some members of this website who live in England would be interested in keeping intouch and then travelling there with me ?.It would be great if we met in person before we go over there too,so we can get to know each other first.I'd also love to make friends with anyone who lives in Perth,so i will know some people who live there too when i get there.I already know one person who lives in Perth.We haven't met,we are friends online.

      Thank you for your time.
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      Hi Beth,

      Have you thought about getting a working holiday visa for Australia? This was you can work (and play) for 12 months. Its also extendable for another 12months if you work in Rural Australia.


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      Thanks for your reply,Tim.Yes,that sounds like a great idea.Where can i find out about the working visa,and about working in rural Australia ?.

      It seems as though it's easier to get a working visa for Australia than it is in America,so i think i will go there.Perhaps i will be able to work in America another time,or just visit there.

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