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      can anyone give me some advice please??

      Hi to everyone both me and my oh and 2 children are trying to get a visa for Canada, well we are at the first stages. Does anyone know of or could they advise us about an agent called James Metcalfe at migration expert.com. Ie whether you have used them or do you know of anyone who has. Whether they are any good??? So many agents are advertising their services do not know which one to choose, if any. Any advice would be really appreciated!!!

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      Hi Adele,

      How much research into the agent have you done? I usually google the name and business and this was the first hit I got



      Have you applied with them only over the internet or have you been to their UK office? If I was in your shoes I would certainly pay a visit to their office and meet with the person likely to handle your case before handing any money or info over but then I am somewhat cautious!!

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      No I was just enquiring as like you I am very cautious!!!! I was wondering if anyone had used them or no of them??? Thanks for the advice though I really do appreciate it, I have been looking at emmigrating and a few of these agents came up