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      Wink Considering a move to Canada

      Hi, i wonder if anyone would be kind enough to give me some basic advice.

      My wife and i are keen to leave the UK to start a new life. Canada is one place that we feel we could settle with our 2 daughters who are both under 5 year of age.

      I am seeking opinions on the best region that suits our wants and position, which is:
      *we want hot weather
      *we want good school facilities - like everyone does
      *i'm a qualified management accountant (ACMA) with 8 years experience after qualification
      *we are both in our late 30s
      *My wife is not educated to a high standard, but works in the local government office as a revenues officer

      In terms of capital we would have approx 150k sterling to start

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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      Andy Chapman


      First of all welcome to the Brits-abroad forum mr maker, as for advice,
      i did a little search and found theses old threads, have alook through
      them they may answer some of your questions and if not maybe you
      could PM some of them for answers.


      Good Luck


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      Liz H
      check out Brits in Canada -- newbie here helloooo---. There are four pages of comments from expats to other would be newcomers. You might find them interesting for starters.
      In any case good luck .