Hi All,

This may be a long shot but... I am trying to get information on how & where to apply for a 'Certificate of Non-Impediment' for marriage (CNI).
Sounds easy but please read on...

Here's a little background, I am a British Citizen, who has been living in Ireland for the last 26 years. My Fiancee (a Canadian Citizen, living in Canada) and I are wanting to get married in Canada early next year. We are looking to get married in British Columbia. According to the marriage license office in B.C. I would be required to provide a Freedom to Marry Certificate or CNI. However here are the problem's I am facing in trying to obtain a CNI:

  • I cannot get a certificate issued anywhere in Ireland as I am a British Citizen. (The British Embassy in Dublin does not issue these certificates)

  • I cannot apply through any UK based office as I am not a UK resident.

  • I have made an enquiry to the British Consulate in Canada (Ottawa, as this was the contact information provided) who have informed me that they do not issue CNI's, even though the British Embassy's website states that in order to aquire a CNI for a British Citizen living in a different country, getting married in a third, are advised as follows:

    If you live abroad and you want to get married in a country that’s different to where you’re living, you’ll need to go to that country to post notice of your marriage there.

    What you need to do

    Contact the local authorities in the country where you want to get married to find out what you need to do.

    You may need a certificate of no impediment (CNI) or an affidavit to prove you’re allowed to marry.

    Use the marriage abroad tool to find out what documents you’ll need.

    If you need a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)

    You’ll need to live in the country where you’re planning to get married for 3 days and then post notice at the British embassy in that country for 7 days. The embassy will issue your CNI if nobody has registered an objection in that time.

    If you need an affirmation/affidavit of marital status

    In some countries, you’ll need to swear an affirmation or affidavit stating that you’re free to marry. You’ll usually need to do this in front of a consular officer at the British embassy or a local notary public. There is no residency or notice period, but you should check with the British embassy or consulate in the country where you’re planning to get married if you need to make an appointment.

Would anyone have the vaguest idea or has been in a similar situation, that could shed some light on this issue for me please.