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      Quote Originally Posted by demontrucker View Post
      hey there, thought i'd quickly jump in on this new bandwagon too hehe. Still living in the UK at min, was quite decided that i wanted to move to Oz, however, having some doubts about the employment situation over there for electricians, or to be more precise, the amount of retraining/licensing required to work in a trade i have already been working in for several years!!! All at my own cost too i have to add. Also got bit of an issue with spiders.....
      But anyway, on the front page of one of todays newspapers, (think it was the daily mail?) Canada are apparently screaming out for sparkys, and they are being put on the high demand list which could even mean the Canadian government offer a cash resettlement incentive. Or at least thats the way i understood it? They are also being 'fast-tracked' with visa's, and could take as little as 6-9 months to be over there.
      Food for thought eh?
      So, anyone in Canada, my question(s) are....
      Where are the better areas or cities to be living in or around,
      What is the general annual weather like in the suggested area / city
      Is the cost of living comparable to the UK?
      Are there any dangerous spiders/snakes/crocs/jellyfish/octopuses (octopii??) etc ?
      Sorry for rambling and digressing away from thread original discussion...

      Hi Craig It seems the big $$$$$$ is out west B.C and Alberta but cost of living is higher than Toronto/Niagara region where I am. Cost of living compared to UK is roughly the same give or take but the exchange rate is less than 2 bucks now. Your right about fast track but they have changed the system from Feb 08 and priority is given to those who meet the Canadian labour shortages in other words if you are a bus driver and there is a shortage here then you will be processed quicker- check out Canadian High Commission site. Canadian exams a must for electricians and you would need to know what province. Summer tends to be hot / humid around 30 and -20 in winter with lots of snow but again its a cooler summer and a milder winter in Vancouver. How about cougers, bears, coyotes, bobcats, lynx, raccoons, skunks, wolves, moose, insects that dine on you, west nile from mossies, jumping spiders, remember its only the insects that like humans. Canada is a huge stunning country which is very welcoming and rewarding for those who work hard. Do the homework before setting out and good luck

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      Hi. Im moving to Canada in October with my partner and 2 children. im a little nervous but sure it will be fun. I havent been there yet so not sure what it is like there. my partner has a job there so we are coming out with him. anybody have any advice on the life there?? Thanks
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      We will living in saskatoon to start off with. Im looking forward to having a white christmas. Kids will love it to. I hope we have chosen the right area to live. Im sure it will be lovely there. its where my partners job is but we can move to alberta to if we dont like it in saskatoon.


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