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      Help Needed


      I am sorry to bother everyone. But my dad is a bricklayer and has decided to move to canada to work. As theres little building work here. We have been looking into it now for a few weeks but recently he had a job offer from a recruitment agent called Peter Miller. It offered him a job with a firm called Dominion Masonry. They sate that the work permits have been pre-approved through the BC provincial nominee or skilled worker programme. We have to pay him I for this. Thinks it around 400 but then a job and permit is gauranteed. we have also been invited to a seminar next week in london where we have to decide.

      To be honest it all seems to good to be true. Does anyone know if it is? or If its indeed a scam?

      If anyone can help that would be great.



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      Thanks so much for that.

      I have just found out the recruitment agency is called uk workers and it all seems legit. Just does seem to good to be true.

      Again thank you for your help and your forum just reading it at the moment is helping us massively.


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      Hi Chris I have just read your post and yes this would be a genuine offer of a job I would go for it. A friend of ours was offered a job by Peter Millar and he is now in Canada doing really well we were put in contact with him as my oh is in the construction industry but they are not looking for his trade at the moment but we will keep trying. Good luck!!!!!!

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      Hi Adele,

      Thanks for the help. My dad has to go to a seminar next saturday. Pay 500 and that guarantees a temp work permit and job for 2 years. Then theres the option of the employers sponsoring my dad fot permanent residency which will cost 4000. But it all seems to good to be true, so its fantastic to hear from someone who has benefited from it.

      Thanks again and hopefully I can help you in the future. Good luck with your attempts, hope you get there!


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      Hi Chris,
      Im also a bricklayer looking to find work in Canada. Could you let me have the contact information of the agent your Dad has used.

      Many Thanks


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      thanks sheena,