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    Thread: Help please for a couple of under aged retirees

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      Fiona and Ian

      Idea Help please for a couple of under aged retirees

      Hi there, we are both in our late 40's and are looking to take very early retirement (maybe work part-time if we get bored at home) but no matter where we have looked we can't find anything on emigrating & retiring at the same time - have any of you got any experience of this or know of a good information source for us - any and all help gratefully welcomed. My husband is HGV driver at the moment and we would like to settle in BC.

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      Once there was a scheme where you could fastrack immigration by investing $500,000 in a business, I don't know if this is still the case or for what provinces ?

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      Fiona and Ian
      Hi 9sheets - thanks for info, yes it does still aply and will certainly be worth considering if all other avenues fail

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      I couldn't find a specific class for retiree's, however, thinking outside of the box... as your husband is an HGV driver he could try and find a company that would take him on in BC. There is a shortage of HGV drivers and that occupation is on the strategic occupations list for BC Provincial Nominee's Program.


      Once he is employed by a company for 9 months he could apply for BC PNP and from that obtain Permanant Residency within a year. Once he (and you) have got your PR status you could both then retire.

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      Welcome to the forum Siouxie, and thanks for the help in your message.

      Hope you'll enjoy participating on the boards here.

      Cheers for now! :)

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      I know it's a long time off given your age, but you should to be aware that if you are intending to live in Canada and collect your UK state pension, it will be fixed at the level at which the initial payment is made.

      UK Pensions paid in Canada are not subject to annual increases.