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      I'm looking for advice about living in the U.K for a year?
      I know that I would have to share a flat with someone that's no different then how I'm living now, I live in the Vancouver area which has the worst property and rental prices in Canada , It is beautiful(gorgeous) but costly- ever heard of the phase B.C means BRING CASH LOL It's true! What part of Ontario do you live Canuck 747??
      Ottowa is the cheapest place to live in Canada so I've heard.

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      I live near Kingston area.

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      Hi gigigo,i'm in alberta, and just returned from a 2 month trip to England,i fell in love with it over there and would like to try living there for a year or so as well and see how i like it.i'm just starting to do my research about the process.have you found out much yet?

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      Hi Kath what part of England did you visit? We are hoping to move to Canada if we can. It sounds lovely over there we have friends in Vancouver they have lived over there for 3 years and they love it.

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      Hey Del I was in Wainscott,Rochester in Kent, loved seeing the castle and cathedral there and went to leeds castle as well.i just love all the history you have there.I had a quick tour of London on my last day,what a beautiful place.absolutely fell in love with England the moment i got there and felt right at home,like i had been there all my life,i'm really missing it and can't wait to go back.my brother moved from Alberta to Vancouver about 10 years ago and loves it,rather pricey place to live but beautiful with lots to offer.the drive through the mountains is fantastic.where in England are you from? I hope it all works out for you and you get to move here.

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      Hi Kath thanks for the reply I am in Shropshire, we will keep looking into moving to Canada, hopfully, maybe when work picks up where our friend lives we might be able to get a job offer for me or my oh who knows fingers crossed. So are you thinking of moving here permanately too??? Good luck to you too if you are looking to move here.
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      Hey Del,your welcome and thank you for replying back too.hopefully you will find work or get a job offer soon.have you spent time over here? i'm wanting to go back to England by spring and see how i feel and make my decision.i'm sure i will still love it as i felt so at home there more than i ever have here.i'm thinking i'd like to try it for a year or so then see how it goes,it very well could be a permanent move.thank you,I wish you both lots of luck in making your move here happen. :)
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      Hi Kath, no we have never been to Canada. Oh was going to come over in january of this year to see his friend as he had invited him over. But then work here went very slow in the construction industry, so he was not able to go over there. But the invitation still stands so he could visit him still. It is my oh friend who has told us all about canada, well he lives in bc maple ridge and we really like the sound of the place and the people. So we will keep trying and hopefully we will be able to move over there.

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      Hi Del,I hope everything works out for you both and your visit and move happens soon.there are many nice places,nice weather,lots of lovely scenery,mountains,lakes,forests,ocean.many people i have talked to and know in England seem quite unhappy and fed up with living there.what would you say or advise someone like me who has only spent a short visit there and while i did learn a bit i really don't know a lot about life there.what is the health care system like over there ? is it difficult to find work? i found the people very friendly over there,so in that respect it was very similar to Canada.i know how you feel i can't wait to have a new start somewhere and it can't happen soon enough

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      hi Kath England too has many beautiful places to see and visit lots of history. We live near to Ironbridge not sure if you have ever heard of it, many visitors form america and japan well all over the world visit here every year. It is beautiful there, I think it is because we have lived here all of our life and we are just fed up really, just want something more for our children and have heard Canada has more to offer them. The health system is not too bad over here it is free, I think you should go for it if thats what you want like you say you could exstend your stay next time and see how you like it. Depending what line of work you are in, jobs are not too hard to find in London. Dont let me put you off, people have different ideas, it is just we have got our hearts set on Canada. Good luck Kath


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