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      Wink Just Decided To Emigrate, Much Help Needed

      Hi there. Well I;m a brand newby here so I'll introduce myself.

      Im Kym, Im 21 and currently living in the north west of england with my parents Don and Glennis. We have pondered the thought of emigration to Canada for a while and now have decided to look seriously into it because we have had enough of this country with one thing or another.

      So basically, we are looking into where to move to. My mum is a retired nurse, she had to retire early due to a back injury but is still state registered but she is now a Classroom Teaching Assistant and my father is a HGV driver. I finished college 2 years ago with a diploma in Acting so we are looking around to see where we could move to where my parents could find work easily, my career will oviously take a while longer to get going but I also work in office administration alongside the acting.

      wherever we go we are takig out pets with us, we have 2 dogs and 3 cats, my babies haha!

      If there's anyone out there who could sort of point us in some sort of direction it would be a massive help. We would like to get out there in 2010 if possible. We are planning to arrange a visit to Canada in 2009 to have a look around and see where we like.

      Many thanks in advance

      Kym x

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      Andy Chapman
      Hello Kym and welcome to Brits Abroad, just hope there is some help for you from the members that are Canadian.

      Click on Brits in Canada here http://www.britsabroad.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=11

      If you can't find an answer then PM them and ask for help.

      Here's hoping you get your answers soon Kym

      Good Luck