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      Thanks for the advice :)

      Hiya everyone, were due to fly out for 2 week 28th of jan to check things out get a feel for the place ( been before got married their but a lot of stress with family etc..) I'am really hoping i can make the big step, been reading a lot what people have wrote on British expats.com some people really having a hard time, and just getting by. Not expecting it to be easy, i know its going to be hard at first. I guess i've gotta keep an open mind and look on positive side :goofy: I'am hoping me and my hubby only gonna be apart for 3 month now, we've looked at it realistally. Anyway hope you all have a great year :v_SPIN: x

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      Jason Humphreys

      Moving to Lethbridge

      Quote Originally Posted by mich33 View Post
      Hi everyone. My husband has got a job as a long distance lorry driver, and we are hoping to move over to Lethbridge next year. The thing is he has to go over about six month before us to build up the money. I'am really worried if i can cope being apart from him for that long. :noxmas: Has anybody else done the same thing? or is it just us? we just can't do it any other way as haven't got the finances. Were going over for 2 week in jan to check things out. Any advice about anything to do with moving over, etc... would really,really be appreciated :emoticon-signxmas: Michelle.
      I moved to Lethbridge from Shropshire in 1997. If you are looking for some advice or somewhere to rent, please feel free to contact me.

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      Thanks Jason :D

      That would be great would really appreciate that, we've heard propertys to let in Lethbridge are hard to come by, thats one thing were going to do when we come over on the 28th, Have a look at some propertys (if their is any). Would really appreciate any help. How are you finding Lethbridge? I guess if you've been their since 1997 you must be happy? Thanks Michelle.

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      Shropshire oh thats where we are for now.Looking to move to Canada if we can????????

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      Burton Bunch

      I am in Lethbridge so if there are any specific questions which you would like to ask - fire away !

      But dont shoot me !!!

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      Hi Michelle, my oh and i were apart for a couple of months when we moved to KL. It wasn't so bad as i had lots to sort out ready for the move and that kept me busy. Also if you dont have skype then get that as you can talk to each other and see one another every day, it certainly helped us get by.
      Good luck with it all


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