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      Moving to Saskatchewan

      Hi there, my name is Cesar and I am planning to move to Canada in about 10 months. I managed to get a Work & Travel visa through IEC on my Polish passport. I am about to get my British citizenship before the end of this year. I've already completed the English test, now just the Life in the UK and I'll have to pay for the application. I have decided to move to a place where apparently it's the easiest to renew a visa. That's supposed to be the province of Saskatchewan. I am very nervous about moving, I am 20 years old and I've lived in England since I was around 9 and I've learnt English from scratch. When I move, I'll be moving alone with around 4 thousand pounds. My plan is to rent a room for most of my stay, purchase a car (that's good for winter) and get a job that will pay enough for me to support myself for that year, I will also do a bit of traveling - you know, why not? And if it still seems like a good idea to stay after my year in Canada, I'll apply for another work permit, this time on my British passport.

      I have a few questions, what car is it worth to buy? I need it to survive winter, I need it to be reasonably cheap, not the worst looking and cheap to insure. From what I've read, in most provinces it's cheap to insure cars, except for those provinces which have government run insurance services - so that's Saskatchewan. Is it possible to check some quotes without having to call them up?

      Any advice? Thanks.
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