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      moving to vancouver

      hi I am new to this forum I have not moved yet but me and my husband are going to move to Vancouver next year hopefully we are attending the expo in a couple of weeks in London.
      I just have a quick question to those living there because I have canadian citizenship and family over there do you think it will be very easy to move there?
      My husband is an electrician but is worried he may have to retrain due to the electrics being different and does any one know if it easy to get a mortgage over there?

      sorry for all the questions am so excited and want to be there now!! any one else feel like that

      thank you

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      Hi Jenny, yes we would love to move over to Canada. We would go now we have a friend who already lives over there in Vancouver

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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to B A Jenny, quite a few from Canada here so maybe they can help you once they log on, enjoy the Forum.


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      Angry vancouver

      hi thank you guys,
      It is nice to here from people even if it is just a hello!!