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      Liz H


      Hi Mel,
      Forgot to mention you have to shovel the stuff.
      Cheers, Liz

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      Hi to everyone I really do like the sound of Canada, we have a friend over in vancouver we are going to try to get out there to live. It sounds great to live ecspecially for the children and that is what we want a better place for our children. I dont think much of Britain at the moment.

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      Liz H
      Hi Adele,
      Vancouver is a different story -- much milder year round. Also generally more expensive, especially housing. I don't blame you for wanting to relocate. There are all kinds of organized activities for children of all ages.And you will still be able to enjoy the snow. Whistler which is reasonably close by, is a well known ski resort,
      Keep your chin up, and make it happen.
      All the best

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      Quote Originally Posted by Liz H View Post
      Hi Robin,
      Though the school buses did not run in the bad weather, I suspect that the schools were open, for those who wished to drive their children, or for those who could walk.That's the way it used to be. I could never understand how it could be unsafe for buses, but not for passenger vehicles.
      It looks like another, beautiful day . Enjoy

      Well, the schools were open most of the days as you say. However, since the schools did not insist on even the town kids going into class, there was nothing taught these days and there were hardly any kids there. If only the folks who relied on school buses were absent then school would have gone ahead quite effectively. Until the school board insist on attendance for those who can easily attend, then we will continue to miss school days. I for one can get to work on 80% of these snow days, and I would drop off the kids on the way past school if it would be for somoethiing useful...otherwise why risk the bad weather with the kids in the car.

      As for the weather.... as the years wear on, the inevitability of persistant cold, freezing rain, snow etc does grind you down. For me at least!

      For me, I have had my 21 year experiment in living here and I wish that it was as simple as back in 1987 to just pick up roots and move back home to where I want to live. However with all the commitments it isn't! I just hope that one day I will make it back again.



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      Hi everyone, I just dont want to regret it in later life!!! I feel that we can give it a go, lets face it, If you never go youll never know X

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      Quote Originally Posted by melsnco View Post
      Hi everyone, I just dont want to regret it in later life!!! I feel that we can give it a go, lets face it, If you never go youll never know X
      I would totally agree - I would rather rather try it and regret it rather than "wish" I had done it later in life.


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