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      Qualifications needed to work in further education in canada


      I want to live and work in canada. i am a uk teacher with 4 and a 1/2 years teaching experience. I want to try to go via the canadian experience route. Therefore i want to get a canadain qualification i.e a MEd so i can work for the lenght of the course and try to get a job in a shortage area. In BC there is a shortage of college lecturers so i hope to try to get a job in this field. So wHat i want to know is what qualifications would i need in canada to work in further education?? Would a MEd be enough in my specialism to stand me a good chance of getting a job in canada. Thanks so much Any advice would be great Lisax

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      First of all Lisa Welcome to B A

      Have you given this some serious thought, have you lived in Canada before.

      Would it be an idea spend a few months out there before you make your mind
      up to live and work out there. Anyway good luck with what-ever you decide.