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      Retirement Benefits

      All British expats who are not yet in reciept of their retirement benefits can transfer their pension fund and receive benefits prior to their normal retirement age.
      Are your pension benefits in one of the following areas?

      Frozen benefits in the UK that are under performing?
      In a QROPS that is not giving you what you wanted?
      Trapped in New Zealand for many years to come?
      In a S.I.P.P. (are you aware that if you return to the UK your S.I.P.P. may be liable to a tax charge of up to 55%)?
      If your answer is YES to the above it may be possible to transfer your benefits to a new receiving pension scheme and release some tax free cash. This may help your current financial position whilst still securing your retirement income.
      There is a huge crisis in the UK as far as pensions are concerned. At the start of the Nineties, a £100,000 pension fund would have guaranteed an income of £15,640 a year for life, twenty years on, a 65-year-old man will secure just£5,140 a year. This is mainly due to poor performance and market conditions over the same period of time. In May 2012 the pension deficit reached an all-time high of £312bn. There were also an estimated 5,418 schemes in deficit, with only 1,014 in surplus. Which side of the fence is your pension sitting?

      If you would like to know more contact me.

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