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    Thread: Summer in Ontario

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      Liz H

      Summer in Ontario

      Summer came in, officially on Sunday, I think, and it came in style. It was hot, not too humid, but then it has been more assertive. Yesterday, Monday, it was only 27 degrees, but the humidity was high, and felt more like 30 + . Today , it is 30 , but with slightly less humidity, so does not feel so bad. Humidity is a big factor in how , I personally, can handle the Summer weather.. When I firrst came to Canada, almost 52 yrs. ago I went to Alberta, where the temps. were very high, but very dry and so it was not too bad.

      The next few days are supposed to be much hotter with much more humidity Ugh!!!

      At least, I have been able to do some garden work, and have taken some pics., but when I will be able to put them on here, I do not know

      Humidity is a huge factor in deciding where to relocate. So anyone thinking of relocating, even to Canada, be aware there are some places with high temps. and high humidity , in Summer , and very bitter temps. in Winter

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      Andy Chapman
      Would love to be in Canada when the snows come, but it gets too deep for my liking as i like to get out and take pictures.

      One day maybe who knows.

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      Liz H
      Yesterday, around 26, humid , thunderstorms . Cleared up in the afternoon. Today, very pleasant, again, 26, no humidity with a slight breeze ---- perfect!

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      Liz H

      Summer ! Tennis!

      Well, Summer is really here. Hot mid 30's and very humid ---- the dog days of Summer.It is too hot and sticky to do anything outside , no children out playing on the street. This has been the case for several days. Yesterday, went into my garden to cut a broccoli, a cucumber, a handful of beans and a few carrots. At this point the sweat was running off me.
      Fortunately the Canadian Open Tennis ( The Rogers Cup ) was televised. Though not on the same level as the Grand Slams, most of the top tennis players were there --- this year the Men's Competition was played in Montreal and this week the Women will be in Toronto. Next year Women in Montreal and Men in Toronto.
      :yes:I was very pleased to see Andy Murray win. eventually. Must admit I was nervous though. The heat on the court was horrendous most of the week. At one point it was 50 degrees on court.. So one had to be fit to survive.
      Del Potro, his opponent in the final , seemed less able to cope.

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      I feel your pain Liz, have been for a couple of months now, and still probably another 6 weeks of it yet for us before we start to see the temps drop much below 90F during the days. Night time is usually low 80's for a few hours before it heats back up in the morning.
      Today was definately cooler only 77F, but the humidity this afternoon was stifling, and is at 99% right now... feels like a sauna out there.