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      Liz H

      Another pic

      Blue jay at birdfeeder

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      Andy Chapman
      Thanks for the pics Liz, i clicked on your links then copy & pasted them into your posts.

      I'll send you a link on how to resize your pictures, it comes from another Forum i moderate.

      Well done "at last" lol.


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      Liz H

      Re; pics

      Hi Andy,
      Thanks. I need all the help I can get. I am new at computers and digital cameras. Sometimes frustrating, but it keeps the 'grey cells' active. At my age that's a plus.
      Thanks again

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      Hi liz your pictures are fantastic, I dont think I have ever seen so much snow.I had to show my children, they thought that was great. They said they would love to play in that!!!!!!

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      Liz H


      Hi Del,
      Thanks. I really struggled with those pics trying to get them on here. Andy C helped me out.
      As for the piles of snow; lots of usually little children play on them , climbing and jumping, sliding down on their bums or on a plastic 'carpet', or just being the equivalent of 'king of the castle' as well as making snow forts etc. I don't mind as long as they do not knock a whole lot down that I would then have to shovel again.

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      Hi Liz if you dont mind me asking what other wild life have you seen while in canada?? Is it true coyotes and other animals come into your gardens at night?? What about the bears, do you ever see those?? Or do they ever get too close??

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      Liz H
      Is it true coyotes and other animals come into your gardens at night?? What about the bears, do you ever see those?? Or do they ever get too close??[/quote]

      Hi Del,

      In all the time I have been here, I have seen only 2 coyotes. That was when I lived in Alberta, and those I saw way out in ranch country.
      As for bears , the only ones I have seen, were , again in Alberta, in Banff National Park.When I worked in a school for 6yrs(.in a small village much further north than where I presently live in Ontario) twice in that time a parent phoned to say that they had seen a bear with 2 cubs in the wooded area bordering the playing field. My window overlooked this area but I did not see them. As a precaution we kept the children inside. This was in the Spring when the bears came out of hibernation and went looking for food.
      The only animals that might invade your garden are racoons, again looking for food. My friend on Vancouver Island had a family of 5 -- a mother and 4 little ones last year when I visited. They came when it got dark --- my friend put out cat food and bowls of water. It was very entertaining to watch them. Sometimes racoons will overturn garbage cans looking for food.
      I could tell you many other stories, but this post is getting long. Maybe another time. But , if you live in a built up area you don't have to worry about wild animals running loose.
      The only animals that come into my garden are a rabbit and a grey squirrel.
      If you like, more later

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      Thanks Liz for the reply, we are very interested in the wild life. It just sounds so nice to hear what it is like over there, so thank you!!!!

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      Liz H
      [ we are very interested in the wild life.
      Hi del,
      To see lots of pics of Canadian Wildlife, Google
      'Canadian Wildlife ' or' Photos of Wildlife in Canada'
      Lots of sites .
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