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      Wink Would like to

      I posted the following in the "America Forum" ,had no luck, but read onto the end.


      Just over a year ago I visited Tampa and fell in love with the way of life ( it is not the first time that I have visited the U.S ) and decided to start doing some research.

      I currently live in the UK.

      Formany years I ran my own very successful Mechanical & Electrical Contracting Company with a multi-million pound turnover ( $10.5m ), after my turnover droppedto $2.250m I closed it down in 2008 due to the recession.

      I had several staff on the books with a fleet of vehicles.

      The state of the UK economy and the political infighting are devastating the Construction industry and resulted in the closure of my Company.

      The question that I would like to ask is this.

      Is there an upper age limit to work over in Florida ?

      With all my qualifications, I am constantly applying for Construction / Site Manager vacancies, but as yet I have not had one reply, even to say I am not qualified enough.

      So will my 2 A Levels, 5 O Levels, 7 City & Guilds of London Institute, 17 Accreditation Certificate and 2 ( Institute of Occupational Safety and Health )I.O.S.H, be recognized in Florida ?

      Unless I am mistaken electrical and mechanical work is the same in the U.S. as in the U.K.

      The electrical principle ( i.e. OHMS Law ) is the same wherever you are and the same goes to the principle of mechanics.

      I am a single guy and presently live in rented accommodation, oh yes, I am also a non-smoker.

      So if I am taken on by a Company I then have to start the visa process, unless that might be taken care of by the employer.

      I have Skype facility should the need arise.

      I would really appreciate it if the forum members can help me out with either some or all of these questions.

      I look forward to your positive reply.



      I have visited Canada a three or four times.
      So the question is are there any vacancies for a man of my skill, knowledge and experience?

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      You'll need to contact Canada immigration, there is one in London, other places too, I used the one in London as it was nearer to me back home, and they were very efficient. Hope that helps.