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      Would like to live and work in Canada


      Wonder if anybody can offer any advice.
      My girlfriend (chinese malaysian), young child (pre-school age, british) and I (british) are considering moving to Canada to live and work. My current employment to which I have 24 years experience comes under NOC2281 / 2.
      Could anybody offer any advice on the best way to apply for a visa allowing me to work and our child to be able to get into the education system.
      Anybody offer any thoughts on areas to live ?

      Thank you and I look forward to any replies

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      Hye Coops, welcome to Britsabroad.

      We have a number of Canadian members, some whom have some great knowledge of the way things work there. I'll wait for input from one of them.

      All the best in your moving plans. When did you hope to get over there?

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      Hi and welcome