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      Advice and help needed!

      Hi everyone,
      Within the last week I have unfortunately lost my job and I always said that if it happened I would love to give myself a try at moving to europe and experience the lifestyle elsewhere.
      To be honest i'm not entirely sure how to go about this. With no second language will i find this difficult, I am happy with working in a tourist area of Spain in a bar etc so may not be a huge issue. Does anybody know the best ways for me to get started in finding job/accomodation as well as any legal paperwork etc that may need to be considered?

      Thanks for your time


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      Andy Chapman
      Try this website Kyle.


      And good luck in your search


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      contact the spanish embassy and wait till you get there to find a place or book a place for a week its not a good time to go now spain is in ressesion to

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      Hi Kyle,
      It might be worth taking a trip out to Spain or somewhere and actually going into a bar and asking if there are any jobs available. It will be coming up to holiday season soon so bars will take on extra staff. If you can secure a job that way then maybe they can help you out with a place to rent and advise you on the other issues of living there.
      A friend of mine did exactly that a few years ago, secured a bar job while out in Spain on a weeks break, packed up, moved over and is still there loving it.
      It does help to speak a bit of the local lingo but its really not needed in the tourist resorts if you go for bar work.
      Good luck with it all