Hi guys! Myself and my wife need to find a country that would be good for both of us to live in. We are currently in the UK and she has to leave the country by the end of April. It's too costly to go back to Asia so we have set our sights on Europe...

My wife is a South Korean national. She speaks perfect Korean and her English is good. She does not have a degree, however she studied 3D Computer graphics at college in Seoul. So I guess my questions for you are as follows?

1. What is a an "easy" country for her to move to? I realize being married to me makes things easier, however certain countries are a lot more difficult and require a lot more things that others, Germany is difficult for instance.

2. What country do you think my wife could find work with her credentials? In addition, what countries could I find work teaching English and her find employment at the same time?

Just wanted to get some advice. Thank you in advance!