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    Thread: British TV abroad?

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      Dr R

      British TV abroad?

      Hello everyone,

      I would really appreciate if anyone could give me an advice regarding the opportunities to watch british tv abroad, i so much miss the BBC and some of the ITV1's stuff like Headcases :spinny:
      is there any way that we can watch british tv with smth like digital tuner on the computer or smth?
      i found some offers for like 190 euros per yr, but to be honest i think this is too much.
      i would really appreciate any advice given.
      thanks a lot!

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      hi Dr R and Sheena

      I could be wrong but I think you can only download the BBC iplayer programmes if you're IP adress is a UK one - I tried here in the States and it said there was no license for outside the UK. Gonna look into that satellite tv thingy though so thanks for that Sheena - we only had two of the England World Cup Qualifier games and I couldn't even listen to them on 5Live. Mad as hell I was especially as we won all our games so far!

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      [quote=traveller;4094]hi Dr R and Sheena

      I could be wrong but I think you can only download the BBC iplayer programmes if you're IP adress is a UK one -

      Hi Traveller
      Sat tv - check out FTA and ask with your friends as someone will have it.- a one off payment . Then sit back and enjoy all pay per view movies and all English + Scots prem/ England / Scotland games, BBC world news, BBC America, BBC Kids, Sky Sports and so on

      Andy + T C

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      hiya, i ve just on another forum,and just checked it out... 99 for the year. www.uktelly.tv hope this might help ..rach.

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      The Grocer
      Go to ITV .com for live streaming, should be fine....

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      Dr R
      sorry for the late reply guys, too much work...
      thank you all for the links and the ideas
      unfortunately its not possible to watch anything from the BBC's or ITV's webs online, cos am outside of the UK and the message i get when trying says its for people in the UK only
      also found this site

      it does work well, just no british tv, except The Poker Channel, lol
      got many of the german ones + CNN and some radio stations too
      may become very good at playing Poker soon though...:jimlad:

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      The Grocer


      Hi again,

      When I want greek sites I do so through a greek search engine, have you tried accessing ITV.com through a British search engine?

      Could be worth trying......

      It might however be the same if the system recognises the greek internet provider.....

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      Dr R
      The Grocer, i guess it detects my IP address, cos anytime i try to play anything from their webs, i get the message it's for people in the UK only.
      Unfortunately the whole thing with the proxy-stuff, giving me an IP address in the UK is a bit too complicated for me and my too superficial /for this purpose/ computer literacy :goofy:
      Andy & Team, could you please be so kind to tell me wether i should buy some kind of an antena or other kind of receiver in order to be able to give this FTA tv a try on my laptop?
      Am going back to London for Christmas and could eventually buy the receiver then.

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      OK guys.

      This is REALLY simple and REALLY inexpensive. And it works great!

      Go to ADTelly expat UK TV

      You get a toolgbar which sits on top of your firefox browser which you navigate to the TV sites (eg BBC iplayer) from. You can then watch TV!

      It took me all of 5 minutes to download & set up it works really well and only costs 5 a month or 50/year. half the cost of the other method mentioned above.

      The web address is ADTelly expat UK TV

      There is a demo video on youtube : YouTube - Expat On Demand TV

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      uk tv abroad

      Hello All,
      I have just been introduced to a currently free service which allows you to watch bbc, itv, channel 4 and channel five on your pc anywhere in the world. A very easy to use service which can be found at www.iportal.me I understand that if you are a sky subscriber you will also be able to access that on this service soon too.
      I hope this is of interest to you and happy viewing


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