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      Cadiz Area


      We are looking to move to Cadiz in Spain and just wondering if there are any residents fromn the area on here?

      best wishes

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      Hi! I currently live in the UK, but I know Cadiz very well. It's a beautiful place, but it's also the poorest part of Andalusia (which is the poorest province of Spain). On the plus side, life is cheaper there than in other Spanish cities. Are you thinking about moving to Cadiz capital or a village in the area? Cadiz is relatively undiscovered by foreigners from outside Spain, so you'll have a chance to make friends with the locals. This shouldn't be very difficult because 'gaditanos' are very open and outgoing people. However, it'll probably take some time as they are very proud of their culture and tend to look down at 'guiris'. Fluency in Spanish is a must - hardly anyone speaks English over there. If you have any specific questions, please, let me know, I'll try to answer. PS. you're so lucky you have an opportunity to move there! :)

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      I'm not fair from Cadiz.... Have you moved there yet?

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      Don't live in Spain anymore but Tarifa is one of my all time favorite places in the world.