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      CNC Machine operator wanting to move to the valencia area

      Hi. I am a South African currently living in the U.k. I am working in the aerospace manufacturing sector as a CNC Grinder and I am looking to relocate to Spain. My wife is Spanish and my kids are still young enough to move but my problem is finding employment in the aerospace/automotive industry. I would like to move to valencia but would welcome any input as to which areas of Spain have a large Manufacturing industry. Any other advice as to possible employment is also welsome.

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      Welcome to Britsabroad Bokkie,

      Hopefully some of our members will be able to help you out on the info you need.

      All the best

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      Thanks Purple.
      Would be great to get some info as this really is a dying trade in Europe. Really difficult to find employment in this industry.

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      Another member is actually in the process of moving to Spain right now. It would be worth your while checking in and looking at the new messages as they arrive.
      We do have members in Spain too, so I'd like to think someone will respond.

      Has your wife any contacts out there that might be able to help?

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      Hi Bokkie.
      The unemployment rate here in Valencia is atrocious - over 20 %. I don`t know anything about your particular field but whatever you were going to do you would need to speak Spanish. A friend of mine came out here - he is a specialist auto-mechanic (something to do with diesel gearboxes or something like that). He could have got a job but without speaking Spanish he was unemployable and is now back in the UK.

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      Good information, Jack.
      Thanks for posting it.

      Relevant to anyone that needs to get job in a country that speaks another language. :)