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      Cost mobile calls in EU

      I have travelled and lived in France, Spain, Italy and Germany, I use to use my UK Orange sim card but Friends and family ringing me cost me a lot of money when I got back home some of the bills were in the Hundreds.
      I tried local sim cards but when travelling it was even dearer, so I have looked at International Sim cards and found so far unless anyone knows better that mobilephonesim.com is the best what do you think?:spinny:

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      Hi Anne, When I first came over and only had a Spanish pay as you go mobile, I used to buy a phone card (called a euro something card) for 6 and that gave me 800 minutes of calls via a pin number on the card, it only took a few cents off your mobile for each call.

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      International sim card against local card

      Thanks for your reply on International card, If you are only spending time in one country like Spain it is good to get a local card, although if someone rings you from the UK it is very dear for them this card is cheaper to ring from the UK because it is a UK number, there are many countries other than Spain where buying a local card to use can prove expensive, I know I have tried it