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    Thread: Costa Blanca

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      Doz you're absolutely right - go try it when you're young. We put off starting a family for the two years it took us to get our Visas and then another year to try and settle in. My biological clock is suddenly going mental! My husband is 10 years younger than me and I look back at that age and think I had all the time in the world!!

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      Hi all,just got back from our cruise on the Med,had a lovely 10days.

      Naranjos,I have lived here for 3yrs now,think where you live is alot more English than here,I miss having a chat with others because although I am learning Spanish to have conversation it's a long drawn out afair.So miss female company.
      Where abouts in Oz are your family going to?I used to live in Perth W.Australia.
      Must be so nice for you to have family coming to live in Spain.My sister is coming over next month for a holiday,will be her 5th time in 3yrs,looking forward to that.
      We came to live here because of the weather too,hate all the rain and dullness in the UK,on saying that it's not stopped raining here for 2days,I think I must suffer with S.A.D.bloody weather,where has the sun gone:realmad:
      Donde esta el sol

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      Hi there JPS my son, daughter in law and their two boys are moving to Brisbane and I will really miss them but in saying that who can blame them for seeking a better way of life for their family. Unfortunately England hasn't got a lot to offer these days.
      I too went to Spanish lesson but my teacher had a heart attackI don't know if I caused him too much stress but I never went back after that. I manage to get by when shopping but anything else I am lost and have to listen very carefully and ask the spanish to speak very slowly and hope that I can pick out enough to understand what they are saying. But as you say where I live is mainly english speaking people. I am sure I would have picked up more spanish if I had chosen to live in a village along side the natives but I am too old now to learn the language.
      We have been enjoying the sun while you have been getting the rain but I have to admit that tonight we have had a heavy down pour. Don't mind that so long as it all goes by the morning. We are still having warm sunny days not as hot as August I am glad to say.
      Glad you had a good time on your cruise

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      There bound to have a better life over in Oz and probably have nothing to loose.
      Still got the rain here,it's driving me mad:realmad:the clouds tend to hang around where I live,we are in a basin of mountains so the weather stays here until we get a bit of wind I guess.
      As for learning the lingo,it causes me stress,but needs must and will keep plodding on,the problem is as you age the memory box gets a bit worn,I blame the menopause
      Send me a bit of your sunshine will you.

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      Would love to send you a bit of sunshine but today it is having a bit of a job poking through the clouds. It was raining here thismorning again but seems to have dried up now. Still not cold enough to shut windows and doors I am glad to say.
      My memory loss or lack of learning capabilities are more an age thing more like Alzhiemers than menopausal or maybe its sinility not sure but I get by thank goodness. I am completely harmless..... I think

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      I'm sure you are.
      Still dam raining here,I must be living in the wettest part of Spain.

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      Hi there. I woke up to rain thismorning but its all gone and dry here now but the sky looks a bit overcast. We seem to miss a lot of the rain where I live which is rather nice however five minutes drive down the road and they seem to get a lot more than us. Why not move up this end of Spain. I thought the Sol was supposed to be sunny than the Blanca.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Naranjos View Post
      I live permanently on the Costa Blanca not far from Torrevieja. I have lived here for just over four years and love every bit of it. I moved out here with my husband to enjoy retirement but unfortunately my husband passed away suddenly earlier this year.
      That's terrible when I read your words thoughts of whats to come and who gets left behind came to mind, I feel for you I really do.
      Good luck to you.

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      Quote Originally Posted by jps View Post
      I'm sure you are.
      Still dam raining here,I must be living in the wettest part of Spain.
      You reminded me - my Dad built a home in Onil 20 minutes inland from Alicante and in his first year there they had snow!!!

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      Rain,rain go away,it's never ending.

      Naranjos...My husband won't move now,maybe within this area but not any where else:no:Don't ask why.it's a long story.
      The forecast for the weekend is more rain tomorrow,then a good blast of wind on Sun.to clear the sky's,after that,well,I won't hold my breath.


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