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      Cyprus Island of Fraud

      I just saw this article in one of the papers and I wondered if it really is as bad as they say. Obviously buying in different countries is a new experience for all of us. I remember when the real estate agent wanted us to sign the contract on our first property in Oz, we told him straight we couldn't do that as the solicitors deal with matters like that lol.:wub:

      "BRITISH property buyer Conor O’Dwyer staged a protest outside ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ overseas property exhibition at Earls Court accompanied by members of the Alpha Panareti Owners Group, in a move that could cause further damage to the Island’s beleaguered property industry.

      O’Dwyer told Cyprus Property News last week that he planned to protest outside the exhibition. He said that he would be raising awareness of the pitfalls of buying property in southern Cyprus and distributing leaflets warning people about the problems that he, and others, have encountered.

      The thousands of visitor who flocked to the exhibition were greeted with placards reading ‘Shame on Cyprus’ and ‘Cyprus Island of fraud’ along with others naming a specific bank and property developer.

      Members from the Alpha Panareti Owners Group joined Mr O’Dwyer in his protest. Many of these believe that they have been mis-sold property and are taking advice from their lawyers on possible legal remedies.

      ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ claims to be “the UK’s biggest and best-attended overseas property exhibition” and is organised in conjunction with the popular Channel Four television programme, which attracts millions of viewers each week. The exhibition ends today.

      The protest caused some unrest amongst exhibitors, which included a number of property developers from Cyprus, but the police were on hand to ensure there were no problems and that everything remained calm.

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      Oh my god this is ridiculous. I must say.. After reading this I just now referred this fact with one more article. These are really horrible issues. I hate it... Well my friend work there and insists me to shift there.. I am just so confused what to do and what not to..
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