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      Does anybody know about finditfme.com

      Hi everyone, my wife and I are re locating to Spain this winter. We are renting in Alicante, to get a better idea of the different areas. We are moving from North West London and although we want to get away from the rat race, we still want to be near enough to most amenities. Any suggestions on areas?

      Also, we are both self employed and would like to remain so, in Spain. We have checked a lot, on line, about this and it doesn't seem to be a problem. The hardest part we are finding is advertising. I am a qualified electrician and plumber and my wife is a beauty technician. Although we do plan to learn more Spanish we will be targeting the English speaking population, to start with.

      Apart from some local newspapers we can't seem to find anything on line that is dedicated to business advertising, in English. We found one site last night but it appears to be very new. Does anybody on here know about "finditfme.com"? It looks perfect for what we are going to be advertising and with the languages offered, it looks good to me.

      Ok, anything you can suggest for us would be helpful. I know we are jumping in at the deep end but we will not be burning all our bridges.



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      Hi Pete,

      Welcome to the forum...one of our members Aldo spent many years living in Spain so should be able to give you some advice....I think he lived near Marbella but I might be wrong. Hopefully he will be along soon.

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      Thanks Tillyfloss,

      I'll keep checking with the site.


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