If you're driving in Sweden your checklist requirements are:

  • A valid UK driving licence - both the photo and paper parts
  • A GB sticker on the back of your car
  • Your motor insurance certificate
  • Headlamp converters (stickers you put on your headlights when you're driving on the right, so your lights don't dazzle motorists coming the other way)
  • Appropriate seat restraints for any children under 7

You must also:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Wear your seatbelt at all times (this applies to everyone in the car)
  • Wear a crash helmet if you're riding a motorcycle

It's a good idea to have:

  • Spare bulbs
  • A fire extinguisher
  • A first aid kit
  • A warning triangle inside the car in case you break down
  • A Green Card - it's a useful back-up to your motor insurance documents and shows you've got the minimum legal level of cover. If you'd like to find out more, contact your insurance company
  • Winter tyres, if you're driving between December and March

Other things you should know:

  • You won't generally have to pay motorway tolls
  • Unleaded petrol and diesel are readily available. LPG is sold at a handful of stations
  • The speed limit is 50kph in built-up areas, 90kph on open roads and 110kph on motorways
  • If you're caught committing a motoring offence you'll be given an on-the-spot fine
  • The drink driving limit is 20mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (much less than the UK limit of 80mg per 100ml)
  • It's illegal to use radar detection equipment
  • You must use dipped headlights at all times
  • Trams have priority when driving through Sweden
  • Give way to traffic coming from the right, unless road signs tell you otherwise
  • If you're in a built-up area, you can only use your horn in cases of extreme danger. Outside these areas, use your horn or headlights to let other drivers know you intend to overtake

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