Bendfeldt-Ostsee-Ferienhof, near the Baltic Sea beaches at Bliesdorf, offers swimming, boating and diving, plus wellness vacations, with riding, acupuncture, saunas, and Nordic walking. Children will like the coach rides. Excursions can be made to Kiel, Rostock, and other north German cities, as well as Copenhagen, Denmark.
Gutshof Bastorf, is also on the Baltic, at Bastdorf, and offers health vacations, including several offering massages or fasting for quick weight loss. An unusual feature, not recommended for the fasters, is the Bon Bon Factory, producing sweets for young and old. You can pack your own and take them with you, or consume on the premises.
Ferienhof zur Hasenkammer is located at Medbach in the Sauerland, an idyllic landscape just to the east of the industrialized Ruhr area. It now has established a campground between the playground and the riding area to attract a different type of vacationer. No smoking and no pets!
Gut Sommereichen, is between Dresden and the Polish border at Gaussig. It grows its own grains and bakes them into hearty breads either in a wood oven or even over an open fire. It has an antique tractor, and young and old can get a “license” to drive it. Visits to the famed porcelain city of Dresden are popular.
Theresienhof is in the Hunsruck area, close to the Frankfurt-Hahn airport, a center of low-cost flights, and the precious gem working city of Idar-Oberstein. It offers barrier-free apartments, without the obstacles that interfere with wheelchairs.
Steigerwaldhof, lies between Würzburg and Nürnberg at Markt Taschendorf, and isn’t far from the famed storybook city of Rothenburg. It prides itself on the wooden furniture in its accommodations, and you have your choice between beech, pine, oak, spruce, birch, alder, ash or maple.
Wieshof-Ebertsried, in the middle of the Bavarian Forest at Kirchberg, is just the place for the environmentally concerned. It converted recently to become an organic farm. Animals are given the proper environment and chemical fertilizers are avoided. Mushroom soup from “grandma’s recipe” is offered.
Abrahamhof, is in the beautiful pre-alpine “Five Lakes” region of Bavaria, Europe’s largest nature preserve. It’s great for sailing, swimming and sunning, and has spectacular views of the distant mountains. For all that the gemütlich city of Munich, with its beer halls and film studio, is just to the north.
Lohner-Hof. This farm, near Bavaria’s beautiful Chiemsee Lake, has been in business since 1599. The playground has a swing, slide, giant trampoline, and shady sandbox. Kids who help with the feeding and otherwise care for the animals are awarded the “Bambini Stall Diploma”.
Esterer Hof, also near the Chiemsee, has a newly installed infra-red center. In the winter it offers cozy Kaiserschmarrn evenings; Kaiserschmarrn is a celebrated Austro-Bavarian pancake made with lots of eggs and butter, flour, milk, and such other goodies as nuts, cherries, plums, apple jam, caramelized raisins and chopped almonds.