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      How would you prefer to pay for mail order British retail goods from the UK?

      Hi everyone,

      A company that I work with is currently working on a project to offer British residents in Spain, the opportunity to order high street retail products direct from its warehouses in the UK and have the items shipped to a Spanish postal address. We were wondering:

      If you were to buy from a retailer, how would you prefer to pay and why?
      - By UK Credit or Debit Card
      - By Spanish Credit or Debit Card
      - Other (please specify)

      In what currency would you prefer to buy retail products from the UK and why?
      - Euros
      - Pounds Sterling

      I look forward to your responses!


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      Hi Kristin, personally by a UK credit card, but a lot of folks out here now won't have a UK card. Incidentally I presume you know that there are several companies already doing this and the competetion will be great.

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      Mail Order

      I often order things from the UK but it is the postage that cripples the purse. I like to use my British debit card from my British account I also prefer to know what I am spending in pounds. If the postage wasn't so high I would probably order a lot more than I do at the present time