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      Hey there!

      I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place or not, however if I'm not, mods, please feel free to move me :)

      A little about myself.

      My name's Aly (Alyson if people are cross with me!) and I'm initially from London. My first move was in 2004 where the company I work for decided to move me, my then husband and 5 year old twins to Denmark. I loved it there! Unfortunately it was short lived as almost exactly a year later, the company decided to move us again - this time to Germany where we have been ever since. During all of this, I divorced my ex and started seeing my now current husband. We have since had a child together.

      I think we're all pretty sick of Germany now and are looking for a way out. Unfortunately the job market at this time isn't great, but my husband is still optimistic :) I have no idea what the future holds or where this path will take us, but know that it's likely to be another adventure :)

      I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!


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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      hi aly
      thanks for telling us a bit about yourselves,
      i welcomed you on the other thread of yours, but welcome again!!
      where in germany are you? one of my sisters lived there for many years with the army, she was in a few different places!
      I'm in Bielefeld :) We have a huge army population here :)


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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      god bielefeld!!
      spent many weeks there over the years!! sister was there for about 7/8 years!! small world eh?? lol
      It sure is :) Although I'm not personally army, my two oldest kids go to the school on Catterick :)


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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      yes thats where my sisters kids went!
      i cant remember the name of a take away we used to go to, but they did the best kebabs etc, it was not too far from the school etc
      but they were lovely!!
      LOL I live the other side of the mountain, so not sure... although I do grab a Sub once a week!


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      Quote Originally Posted by sheena View Post
      LOL! they get everywhere them subs dont they?? lol
      Thankfully! They are yummy! Have you heard of the sub diet??? Was considering it lol I have baby weight to lose! My little surprise is now 5 months old and I'm running out of time to use her as an excuse! hahaha


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      Andy Chapman
      Welcome to The B A Forum and thanks for posting an intro about you.

      Great to have you here and look forward to reading your future posts.

      Good Luck with everything



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      Howdy everyone! I'm Ashley, originally born in Canada. Recently got my British citizenship. Living in Oslo with my fiance. Haven't been here for too long, and can't get a job as I have no special qualifications and can't speak Norwegian yet!